This author, Donna Setterlund, was a woman searching for the magic to make sense of her tumultuous complicated life. Inspiration came in the form of an amazing woman named Margaret, who was the studio model for “Tinkerbell” in the original movie “Peter Pan.” Tinkerbell took Donna by the hand and sprinkled her with pixy dust, encouraged her to look for the things she didn’t know she needed, and shared her serendipitous personality. This fortuitous magic ignited the curiosity that started everything, and led to a lifetime of writing and illustrating the stories that Donna now shares with families and children everywhere.

Donna has several different Series of books in production because she likes to keep her days interesting. Having a very active imagination and the skills to create and develop ideas, Donna has perfected the production process of completing a book quickly and efficiently. Her eye for detail and many years of fine tuning her creative skills can be seen in each new production.

The first book Mothers of Inspirational Expressions, Donna's newest collection, has been designed for the largest audience which is women with families.
Being suitable for gift shops or any market, this new series has been inspired by the wonderful, exciting world that surrounds all of us.

[This collection will include other subjects like Fathers, Sisters, Brothers, Horses, Cats, Dogs, Firefighters, and Veterans.]

The Zontoria Collection is Donna's life passion. This is where visitors step through a portal into a world where life's many high impact topics are explored in a manner that appeals to children, their parents, and guardians. Donna says it is a bit like Harry Potter, but uses white magic, light and enlightenment to enchant an audience of any age.

Donna's continues to create as Tinkerbell watches over her, spreading pixy dust to help engage her audience with a bit of serendipity, inspiration, and everyday magic.

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